Novolog's policy regarding Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SHE):


Novolog's management is responsible for its employees' safety, security and health, and is committed to providing a safe workplace. Novolog has a core value of protecting the environment.

Novolog is committed to implementing the SHE Policy as a fundamental value in its corporate culture, and will meet all Israeli regulatory requirements.

All company officers are committed to Novolog's SHE Policy and are obligated to set a personal example of compliance.

Novolog considers each employee a partner to the company’s SHE policy. Novolog encourages each employee to take personal responsibility to support the vision:  creating constant improvements to their own, and each other’s, safety, security, and environment.

Each employee is obligated to immediately report any incident or situation which might endanger his or her surroundings, the environment, or Novolog.

The company is committed to providing resources and relevant training in order to implement this policy. Novolog will integrate these values into its activities for the purpose of increasing awareness of employees and all related parties.