Quality Assurance

Novolog’s QA department is embedded fully into the organizational structure and processes. Its main responsibilities are:

  • CAPA – Corrective Action Preventive Action.
  • Training
  • Annual training plan coordinated with a fixed SOP guideline
  • Professional presentations and tests to improve understanding and knowledge.
  • Documentation of each and every training module for each and every employee
  • Suppliers - Setting quality standards, approvals, and audits
  • SOP's – creating, updating and auditing
  • Temperature control


Temperature and Humidity Control – Warehouse

  1. Imported goods; temperature log downloading and analyzing
  2. Online computerized system
  3. Automatically generated deviation reports
  4. Comprehensive back-up systems
  5. Mapping and validation programs
  6. Trending
  7. Remote management control systems


Temperature Control – Distribution

  1. Over 97% of distribution coverage made by Novolog's own vehicle fleet
  2. Unique isolation in all vehicles
  3. Specially designed and built cooling system for refrigerated products
  4. Online temperature control for all vehicles, tracked from headquarters, with alerts issued when thresholds are breached
  5. Unique validated shippers for emergency distribution