NOVOLOG – The Vital Link Between Clients and Customers

Novolog is a customer-oriented company with a staff of highly trained professionals serving both private and commercial sectors. Working on behalf of our clients, we serve a nationwide network of:


  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Public and Private Clinics
  • Public and Private Pharmacies
  • Pharmacy Chains
  • Other Health Institutions


For ultimate customer satisfaction, Novolog has developed a One Point Connect Service (OPCS), where customers are assured of dedicated personal attention tuned to their particular requirements. Backed by customized systems designed to our clients' mode of operation, Novolog's CRM processes and technologies optimize the customer experience to meet specific needs in the customer service portal.



Customer Service Portal


Sophisticated customer service portal allows customers, mostly private pharmacies, to follow their own business information online 24/7. In this portal our customers can see account details such as credit, purchases, invoices, payments, and more. 




The Novolog Service Commitment: 


Availability of Service



  • Novolog's service center enables customers to place orders around the clock
  • Orders accepted via B2B systems, telephone, fax, or e-mail



  • Daily Delivery – 5 days a week, countrywide 
  • Urgent Delivery – dispatched and delivered within 3-5 hours, countrywide
  • Life Saving – immediate delivery around the clock, 24/7, countrywide


Q&A –

  • Human call center giving full service for all customers' needs daily from 08:00 till 17:00
  • Sophisticated customer service portal which allow customers to follow their own business information 24/7.




Convenience of Service


Each customer is assigned an account service agent who becomes the familiar face of Novolog’s large, sophisticated enterprise. This OPCS (one point connect service) arrangement enables each partner to have all service conversations routed through just one representative.