In-depth professional expertise conforming to the highest international standards of GxP allows Novolog bragging rights: 



  • 4,000,000 items delivered nationwide each month
  • More than 30,000 orders received and completed each month
  • More than 1,400 active customers
  • In excess of 350,000 medical and medical device lines

Pioneers in a full spectrum of innovative services and technologies, Novolog exploits economies of scale to provide effective logistical support. In addition to significant direct savings, Novolog frees clients' precious resources to concentrate on their core competence, enabling them to maximize their competitive edge.


Track and Trace


Batch Control

  • Expiration date and batch number information available instantly
  • Batch storage traceability
  • Accurate & silent recall
  • Online batch information
  • Monitored customer returns
  • Ability to identify counterfeit products


Exploiting Technology

Novolog takes advantage of the latest technologies – from mobile GPS and stock management tools to integrated web-based software and smart use of "cloud" technology. These technologies provide the backbone for an always-updated suite of advanced logistic services that include:

  • Fully computerized logistic processes
  • Logistical service for all health products including:
    • ambient
    •  cold chain and freeze (-20°c)
    • prescription medicines
    • narcotic drugs
    • cytotoxic,
    • OTC (over the counter)
    •  VMS (vitamins, mineral & supplements)
    • medical devices
    • and more
  • Automatic picking and packing machines both in ambient and cold environments.
  • On-line delivery and proof-delivery tracking 
  • Stock management by batch number and expiration date
  • Online ordering B2B or via portable terminal
  • Full building supervision system

In designing the recently constructed cutting edge facility, Novolog has invested considerable amounts to work for today and plan for the future. Integrating state-of-the-art components from all over the world, the system was designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind. Automated picking and packing, automated weight control and packaging optimization are just some of the advantages which put Novolog at the very forefront of the world's pharmaceutical and medical device logistics companies.



Novolog’s proprietary BCP (business continuity process) is a set of procedures and systems which allow us to store and supply medicines and medical devices for our customers. This supports Novolog’s understanding of its role and responsibility in saving lives. To that end, Novolog invests significant amounts into backup systems, and builds redundancy into all crucial systems. Novolog’s building supervision system alerts upon incursion into main and critical systems. These systems are monitored around the clock, and when such an occurrence happens, Novolog's personnel identify the entry point and address it immediately.