Novolog is Israel’s leading health logistics company. Our strategic partners are the world's premier multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies which operate in Israel.  We also support local agents and manufacturers that market and sell health-oriented products.

Novolog's parent company, Pharm-Up, was established in 1966 to distribute pharmaceutical and medical device products.  Novolog builds on Pharm-Up’s deep know-how and nurtures these long-term relationships. Novolog significantly improves business results for its strategic partners with a comprehensive range of unique systems and services designed especially for them. These include:

  • Hi-tech and high quality logistical services
  • Advanced information and marketing tools
  • A supportive business environment

For more than 45-years Pharm-Up and, more recently Novolog, has been refining the prescription drug and medical devices logistical supply chain management experience. Novolog has an impressive record of more than two decades serving the world's leading multinational pharmaceutical companies. Novolog complies with the most stringent international Standards of Operation (SOPs). Its well-trained personnel are committed to the highest professional standards, uncompromising quality control, and above all, impeccable business principles. Ongoing quality assurance includes frequent audits and ongoing upgrades of its state-of-the-art facility to ensure it constantly functions at the highest levels of efficiency.

Housed in the center of Israel, close to the country's main international airport and within easy reach of major cities, Novolog is strategically positioned to offer its clients the expertise required to operate effectively in today's increasingly competitive market.

As pioneers of dedicated logistics in Israel, Novolog maintains a network of formal and informal professional relationships which actively promote health-oriented and product-related issues in order to improve the industry's regulatory legislation and overall business environment.

At Novolog, we believe "People First."  We believe that satisfied people create the success of any business enterprise. We are committed to this concept in all our activities:  with our staff, our clients and customers, and within the wider community.  This principle leads us to constantly re-invest in our personnel, not only professionally, but on a personal level as well.

For our customers it means the highest quality of professionalism and personal service. And in the broader community it shows up as a level of active commitment by the company to encourage employees to reach out by volunteering and giving back to their communities.